The Symphony Album

Experience this unique recording, where the fantastic ABBA musicians once again perform the superhits they so wonderfully recorded with the original ABBA group.

The Original Band album - The ABBA Tribute - The Symphony Album - is recorded together with Swedish multi-time Grammy Award winner Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Christoffer Nobin. All the band members play on the album; Mike Watson - bass, Roger Palm - drums, Åke Sundqvist - drums & percussion, Mikael Areklev - guitar, Johan Stengård - sax, Per Lindvall - drums and Lasse Wellander - guitar.

The guys in the band use to say that this is the missing album that ABBA never recorded. The orchestrations, mainly made by musical director Johan Landqvist, are subtle and elegantly produced. The music of Beethoven - who happens to be Benny Anderssons favorite classical composer - and of other european 19th century classical composers were used as guide lines, making the symphony orchestra sound great.

In memory - Rutger Gunnarsson

The Winner Takes It All

Thank You For The Music

Dancing Queen


Mamma Mia

Money Money Money

Gimme Gimme Gimme



Slipping Through My Fingers

Summer Night City


Voulez Vous

I Have A Dream