The idea of The Original Band - The ABBA Tribute - was formed in 2012 when some of the original ABBA musicians got together for a recording session.

They talked about the great times they had with ABBA, how fantastic ABBA's songs are and how the hits have grown into lives of their own. How fun wouldn't it be to perform the music again in front of an audience, and go on tour together?

When ABBA recorded their music in the studio, they never started out with complete songs. Many times the musicians composed and produced their own parts, melody lines and personal sound. Therefore they all really feel like they are a significant part of the ABBA repertoar.

Today, ABBA's songs are among the world's most famous and appreciated. The songs made Mamma Mia! the most seen musical ever, as well as the most popular filmed musical ever! Some of the musicians in The Original Band have played with the live musical, as well as on the Mamma Mia! movie soundtrack.

The Original Band - The ABBA Tribute - is the real thing!

"As ABBA As It Gets!"